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MADFORCOS Silky Smooth Foot Peeling Mask


Size: 40ml

A foot peeling mask formulated with nutrient-rich Hemp Seed Oil and Kombucha extract to soothe, moisturize and gently exfoliate hard calluses on rough and dry feet.

Key Ingredients

  • Hemp Seed Oil - smoothen, soften
  • Eucalyptus Oil - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • Kombucha - antioxidant, moisture
  • Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid - retains moisture and hydration

How To Use

1. Wash feet with warm water and dry. 2. Gently cut the foot mask along the top seam with scissors and carefully open it to expose the formula inside the inner lining. 3. Slip mask over each foot. Remove the adhesive tabs and clinch each mask securely. Leave on for approximately 60-90 minutes(Please watch out for any skin irritation or sensitivity).
4. After taking off foot masks, rinse off any excess formula with water.

NOTE: Allow for a few days to pass after treatment for the rough-out layers of skin to start peeling. Nearly all calluses and rough skin will finish peeling off within about 2 weeks after treatment.


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