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السلام عليكم

Welcome to Lamise Beauty. Lamise is a Korean Beauty brand based in Dubai.
The name “Lamise”, meaning “Soft touch” in Arabic, was created with the hope
that our brand touches your beauty softly.

When I was young, I used to hide my flaws with makeup
but I realized that maintaining a healthy skin was the foundation to look beautiful.
Since I have been continuously researching and learning to become more aware
of taking care of my inner and outer beauty.Living in Korea,
I have had the opportunity to meet the makers and to test the quality of the products.

The different steps were overwhelming at first but through trial and error, I have
simplified the skin care process. With my experience in Dubai, I have handpicked the most
innovative and up-to-date beauty products for the hot and dry climate in this region.
Living in the desert, under the strong sunlight, we need to protect our skin and provide
the right essential nutrition it needs every day.

At Lamise, we hope to create a platform where more people can gather information about skin
care, find the right product and experience the benefits of Korean cosmetics.

Lamise will help you find the right solution for your skin. 


Kate Park