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Why K-Beauty


Korean women believe that maintaining and improving their skin is very important. Keeping a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin is the base of your beautiful makeup and it will help you look healthy and young for a lifetime. Cosmetic customers in Korea always try to find the best products for their skin by constantly sharing feedback of new products, beauty trends online and on social media. This kind of consumer culture in Korea ensures that the cosmetic companies continuously research and produce high quality products.


To meet the demands of the high standards of the beauty community, Korean companies stay competitive by investing in research, improving technologies and producing revolutionary formulas. As a result, companies such as The Saem, MediHeal and Mizon are leading the global beauty industry in segments such as Mask Packs and BB Cream.


To meet the constant change in demand, Korean companies have tried and tested many different innovative and unique ingredients. The cosmetic brands step out of their boundaries in order to stay progressive and come up with new products. As a result, a lot of products were pioneered in Korea such as fermented ingredients, snail mucin and bee venom.


Korean cosmetic companies have always followed the strategy and philosophy of re-investing in improving the quality of their products as opposed to spending it on global marketing. This is one of the reasons why we have had the opportunity to use such high-quality products at an affordable price. We will make sure that we pass on those benefits to our beloved customers at Lamise Beauty.